The (YMA) TORONTO choral repertoire contains traditional and non-traditional Ukrainian music including new music by Canadian composers. The choirs may sing in other languages such as: English, French, Italian, Polish and Ukrainian. The choirs may participate in singing the Divine Liturgy; memorial services/panachydas or weddings, upon request. There is no annual membership fee. Traditionally, minor expenditures, based on the consensus of the membership, are paid by the member.

New Members
The Conductor will casually test the new members singing voice to define the section in which the voice is most suitable.

Member Responsibility
Every member is important and plays an integral part in the (YMA) choral collective. In upholding respect for each and every member/person within this collective, it is the responsibility of each member to take part in every concert, performance or event.

For each concert, performance or event, the member is expected to follow instructions and come prepared as provided by the Head or Costume Manager.

To be mindful and respectful to the Conductor and associated members, it is expected each member be punctual for every rehearsal, concert, performance or event.